Tips for shaving after your spray tan

Shaving and Spray Tans

Ever wondered about shaving after your Tan, or worried you will shave it off? Yes you shave and No you won’t shave off your tan.

First things first, Before your spray tan appointment Exfoliate your body and remove all unwanted hair. This gives a smooth platform to Tan without the worry of having dry hairy patches. Leaving you with a Gorgeous even Sunless Tan. Its always best to Exfoliate and Shave the day before your tan as doing it on the day will leave your pores open resulting in a spotty tan which won’t look good.

Shaving After your Spray Tan

Please wait 8-10 hours or longer if you can as shaving partially exfoliates the skin. Few Tips

Always use a new Razor/Blade. The old razor will drag on your skin taking tan with it. Old razors will leave a razor burn affect and on your gorgeous fresh tan won’t look good.

Don’t use shaving foam. Shaving products have ingredients that can damage your tan. Alcohol and heavy detergents can dry and strip your tan. The best product I find for shaving is conditioner (something I always seem to have more of than shampoo, so there is always some going spare!) or a sulphate free wash.

Never press hard on your skin with a razor let it glide along gently.

Or Better yet if you can handle waxing this will be best 2 – 3 days before your tan , again to allow the pores to close and your skin to settle down. Waxing after your tan will definitely remove your tan, if you wax wait till at least the 7th to 10th day, this is when your tan will start wearing off.

Spray Tan Tips for Men

Firstly Shave your face and or head before your appointment. This gives a clean palate to start with.

Before shaving the First time after your tan wait at least 8-10 hours or longer if you can. Doing so any soon will remove your tan as it won’t have had time to develop.

Skip the pre-shave products as these contain ingredients that will break down the tan.

Don’t use foam based shaving products these have alcohol that will break down your tan

Use plain alcohol free lotion after you shave to soothe and hydrate your skin and keep your tan moisturised.

If you can help Don’t shave daily and use a electric razor this is gentler on the skin than a bladed razor, keeping your tan looking good for longer.

Always Follow up with a Good Moisturiser or a sunless glow Cream to help keep that Colour for longer!

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