Spray Tan Finishing Powder

Love having spray tans but hate sitting with a sticky tan while you waiting to rinse off, You need to try my new finishing powder.

Mist Me Spray Tan Finishing Powder

We are really pleased to say now you can enjoy the benefits of a spray tan without those annoying properties of a tan. 

Mist Me are now introducing a Spray Tan Finishing powder to every single spray tan free of charge. This will give our tans a luxurious finish and you will feel like you have been pampered. 

Would you apply shellac without a top coat? The top coat protects the varnish right? Same as a setting powder sets your makeup. You wouldn’t do one without the other!

Spray Tan Finishing Powder or Drying powder has Amazing benefits:

  • Eliminates the post tan stickiness. 
  • Dries and helps protect and set your spray tan whilst its developing.
  • Makes skin feel silky soft and has a beautiful light shimmer – all lasting till your first shower. 
  • Hydrates skin to extend the tan. 
  • Use as a deodorant after your tan.
  • Clothes and sheets stay clean. 
  • Tan anytime of day. 
  • All natural and hypoallergenic
  • Talc and nut free 
  • Paraben and Cruelty free 
  • Vegan friendly 

So now you have some idea what a finishing powder can do for you and your tan, why not give it a try. Book a full body spray tan and try the new Mist Me Glow Spray Tan Finishing Powder for free. 

Mist Me Glow Finishing Powder will be available in 2 difference scents. Coconut and Baby Powder. More fragrances will be added later. 

The powder will also be available in 2 shades. One for lighter skin tones who have light to medium tans and one for darker skin tones who have medium to dark tans. 

You will fall in love with Spray Tans again, I guarantee it!

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