Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that we get … hope this has answered your query about our Spray Tans – however, if you still have a query please feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Will I go orange or streaky?

No, definitely not, I only use professional products which immerses colour from the gun, I can clearly see where I have sprayed hence not making you streaky. As a trained professional, I will make sure you match the correct solution to your skin tone, thus eliminating the risk of looking ‘fake’ or ‘orange’. It provides a very natural colour, which will be the envy of all your friends.

How long does the spray tan last?
Your tan will last about 5 to 7 days and will fade naturally as the outer layer of your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. To make the most of your tan please follow the preparation guidelines to ensure your skin is as receptive as it can be. After your treatment I recommend you don’t make use of chlorinated pools or Hot tubs as Chlorine will make your tan fade faster. The secret to keeping your tan lasting and glowing is moisturizing after each shower/bath.
Who should not have a spray tan?

If you have breathing difficulties or you have a reaction to self-tanning products you should not have a spray tan.

How should I prepare?

A full body exfoliation and shave the day before. Do not apply deodorants or perfumes as these can prevent the absorption of the tanning solution and upon tanning go green in those areas. Do not use moisturisers on the day of your tan as they can act as a barrier to the solution.

How long does it take?

The actual spray tanning process only takes 5-10 minutes and it takes about 5 minutes to dry. Your whole appointment should take around 15-20 minutes.

How does it work?

The product works on the outer layer of your skin. The products contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids in your skin and the oxygen in the air causing your skin to turn brown. Different skin types react in different degrees to the solution, so we have a range of strengths that we can use to achieve different depths of tan. The tanning reaction takes about 6 to 8 hours to develop.

What is the advantage of a Spray Tan over UV tanning?

Spray tanning offers an alternative to tanning by exposure to UVA/UVB. It is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who do not tan easily. One spray tan treatment is equivalent to around six tanning bed sessions. And as I said in the answer above, it is much safer than risking prolonged over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays

What should I wear during the Spray Tan process?

Most individuals go topless and wear a dark thong. However, it is entirely up to you, I recommend any clothing worn during the tanning process should be dark, although the tanning solution will wash out of lighter colour clothing. I will provide a Hair net to keep the tan from going in your hair when tanning the face.

What happens if I inhale the tanning spray?

The active ingredient in the spray tan, DHA, is non-hazardous and should cause no adverse reaction in moderate quantities. DHA is even used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is non-carcinogenic. Testing indicates that DHA is less toxic than aspirin or caffeine.

Will spray tan protect me from getting sunburn?

No, your spray tan does not give any additional protection from the sun. You should take the usual precautions when going out into the sun after a spray tan. Tanning solutions contain no UVA / UVB protection so if you intend to go out in the Sun, it is recommended you apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or more.

How dark will I get?

How dark your skin goes will depend on your skin type and the strength of the solution I use during the treatment. I will advise you on this during your consultation prior to your tan. Also, your skin will react more readily with repeat treatments, so top up tans on a regular basis will help you go darker more naturally.

What should I wear after my treatment?

You should wear loose dark clothing, avoid anything tight as it may produce a rub mark or lines. Avoid wearing socks or tight shoes and if possible, wear flip-flops for the developing period.

Can I shower after my treatment?

You should not shower during the development period, for at least about 8 hours. Also avoid anything too strenuous which may make you sweat as this can also affect your tan and may cause lighter patches to appear. By showering you will not allow the tan to develop properly and you will be left disappointed about the depth of your shade.

Can a spray tan be removed?

Your tan does not wash off, but it will fade as the outer layer of the skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. You can help the process by exfoliating, however, do not over do it! The tan will fade naturally over about 1 week.

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