Mist Me Tanning Solution

Mist Me Professional Tanning Solution
Mist Me Tanning Solution

I’m so excited to have my own Mist Me Tanning Solution. For years I have been a Self Employed Contracted Beautician operating in and around the Cleckheaton. But the one I always really enjoyed doing was Spray Tanning… you can instantly make someone who is feeling doom and gloom feel absolutely fantastic in just under 10 minutes. 

A Spray Tan is Confidence Sprayed directly to your Body!

Over the years I have tried and tested many solutions but none have particular stood out to me. They either cause snake like skin on fade off, too drying on the skin, aren’t dark enough or have an awful scent. All of these factors are contributing to finding the best tanning solution, one my clients will love. After weeks and weeks of research during the current pandemic and weeks of testing I truly believe I have found the perfect solution.

Mist Me Spray Tanning Solution & Self Tanning Products!!

You can’t offer the Best Tan if you don’t have the Best Solution… Mist Me Tanning Solution unlike others doesn’t contain Alcohol which is very drying to the skin. It’s a water based Tan meaning it dries instantly and not harmful to the skin. Contains Aloe Vera which is a great moisturising and hydrating agent.

Is 100% Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and free from Parabens. Unlike some tanning solutions, I have decided to add a hint of fragrance. Having had many clients over the years say ‘oh I won’t be orange will I’ or ‘I don’t like the biscuit tan smell’. I guarantee you, you won’t be Orange and neither will you smell of biscuits Although I have to admit I actually don’t mind that scent.

Honestly the fragrances I have chosen smell absolutely gorgeous, No over powering sickly smells, and so far my testers really love them too. Another great incentive for a Mist Me Spray Tan is we also offer Rapid Tans, Last minute night out? But could really do with a bit of colour.. No problem we have a tan you can wash off in as little as a hour for a light to medium tan or 2-4 hours for a medium to dark tan. 

You’re never fully dressed without a Tan!

So if you are within the local area of Cleckheaton and surrounding and fancy having a Spray Tan with our Mist Me Tanning Solution in the comfort of your own home, then why not give me a Call. 

Mobile Spray Tans In and around Cleckheaton are convenient and less stressful. No going out in the rain and getting white marks on the way out of a salon, No dragging the kids with you. Just Relax at home in your comfy’s and we will come to you. 

Book today by heading over to our booking page or via our social media platforms.

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