Rapid Tan vs Standard

Which Tan is right for me? I get asked by Clients whats the difference between the Standard 8 hour tan and a Rapid 1-4 hour tan. Below is a little explanation of how a Rapid Tan works. Difference Between A Rapid Tan And A Traditional Tan Rapid solutions are made by blending and preparing the […]

Spray Tan Leeds

Spray Tan Leeds

Are you looking for the Best Spray Tan in Leeds? After increasing demand from clients outside my 5 mile radius, I am now pleased to announce I will be offering Clients from in and around Leeds a Gorgeous Sun Kissed Mist Me Spray Tan from my in-home salon based in Liversedge.

After Care Spray Tan Products by Mist Me

Mist Me has some great after care spray tan products to help you maintain your tan or remove your tan ready for the next one! After care is a really important part of Spray Tanning. If you are person who “can’t be bothered” moisturising then spray tans aren’t for you. As a Spray Tan Therapist, […]

Spray Tan Finishing Powder

Spray Tan Finishing Powder

Love having spray tans but hate sitting with a sticky tan while you waiting to rinse off, You need to try my new finishing powder.

Mist Me Professional Tanning Solution

Mist Me Tanning Solution

I’m so excited to have my own Mist Me Tanning Solution. For years I have been a Self Employed Contracted Beautician operating in and around the Cleckheaton. But the one I always really enjoyed doing was Spray Tanning… you can instantly make someone who is feeling doom and gloom feel absolutely fantastic in just under […]

Spray Tan

The Secrets Of A Perfect Spray Tan

Many of us covet the perfect golden glow to add a healthy radiance to our skin. Be it for a big event or just everyday wear. Cheating your way to a tan is much quicker, safer and cheaper than jetting off to the Maldives to get the real deal. A spray tan with one of […]

Is it safe to get a spray tan while pregnant?

Spray Tan during Pregnancy, is it safe?

Are Spray Tans during Pregnancy even safe? The active bronzing ingredient in Tanning solutions is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This non-toxic chemical reacts with the outer layer of your skin to give it that gorgeous tan you know and love. So is it safe to spray tan during pregnancy? Testing indicates it doesn’t penetrate other layers […]

Wedding Spray Tan

Wedding Spray Tan Tips

One of the best ways to get the bridal glow you want on your wedding day is with a spray tan.  While this is an easy way for brides to get the colour they desire, some worry about their skin turning orange or the colour rubbing off on their dresses. By using the right spray […]