About Mist Me

Hey there gorgeous!

Welcome to Mist Me...

I’m Lisa, owner and operator of Mist Me Mobile Spray Tans.

I know how it feels to have an unnatural, orangey looking spray tan and how you scrub and scrub and try everything under the sun to remove the sucker. It’s embarrassing when friends and family add to the pain with their silly little comments that make you want to crawl in a hole. Here at Mist Me, I care about YOU and want YOU to look and feel your best! Nothing adds a boost of confidence quicker than a natural looking, sun kissed glow!

My goal is to make you feel like you can conquer the world when bopping around town in your Mist Me Spray Tan. It’s amazing how a little colour can change your whole outlook and make you feel a little thinner, a little more fit, cellulite no longer noticeable, veins no longer staring you in the face, you don’t look as washed out in certain colours, etc. Think I’m kidding? Ohhhh you just wait!

Lisa from Mist Me

To achieve the perfect tan for you, I take into consideration several factors such as your skin tone, undertone, why you are getting sprayed and how dark you want to be. I custom mix colours for each individual so rest assured you will receive a customized colour specifically for YOU. Excellent spray tans are undetectable so your secret is always safe with me!

Ready to conquer the world? Let’s get you tanned up babe!

Why choose Mist Me for your Mobile Spray Tan Service?

One of the key benefits of mobile spray tanning is the no hassle of going out, dragging kids if you have no sitter or its pouring with rain and worried about ruining your tan. You have your spray tan in your own familiar surroundings. You can wear what you want beforehand and feel absolutely at ease during the tanning process. What’s more relaxed than being in the comfort of your own home, No need to feel self-conscious. Getting a tan in your own home leads to better results because of this.

After a spray tan, there is always a drying off period. The products used in Mist Me’s spray tanning solution are quick-drying, however, as time goes on, they develop in the depth of the colour. If you are having to drive to a beauty salon you will have to put on your seatbelt and having this rub against your neck or collar bone will affect the results. Stay home and Relax!

Mist Me makes getting and staying tanned easy. If you are looking to get a sun kissed golden glow outside of the standard business hours, I can help.

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